Sympathy Flowers

Sending sympathy flowers to someone who is grieving is a great way to offer comfort and show compassion. Sympathy flowers allow you to express sympathy and can be used to pay a meaningful tribute to the departed soul. Some sympathy flowers symbolize hope and new beginnings and can help you show your support to a friend or family member who is grieving.

Here are some sympathy flowers and what they symbolize.

Lilies, especially white stargazer lilies, are one of the most popular sympathy flowers. White stargazer lilies represent serenity, peace, and the hope of eternal life.

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Roses symbolize love, beauty, and respect. The ability of different colored roses to convey different emotions makes them a popular choice for sympathy arrangements. White roses symbolize respect, purity, and innocence, while pink roses represent admiration and gratitude. Red roses can be used to convey respect and love for the departed soul. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and remembrance.

Carnations are one of the most long-lasting flowers. Their unique fragrance makes them the perfect choice for funeral wreaths and standing sprays. Like roses, they are available in different colors (each color can be used to convey a different emotion). White carnations symbolize pure love and innocence. Red carnations can be used to express admiration for the departed soul, whereas, pink carnations convey remembrance.

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Orchids symbolize eternal love, beauty, and strength. Their elegance brings a sense of serenity and tranquility. Dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids are popular choices for sympathy arrangements.

Also known as mums, chrysanthemums symbolize honor and respect. You can use chrysanthemums to express sympathy. White mums represent purity and innocence and can be used to convey grief, whereas red mums can be used to express love and affection for the departed soul.

Known for their beauty, hydrangeas symbolize gratitude. They can be used to express heartfelt emotions. Hydrangeas come in many different colors including blue, white, and pink. Blue hydrangeas symbolize serenity and calmness. White hydrangeas can be used to express sympathy, whereas pink hydrangeas are commonly used to show love and gratitude.

These beautiful flowers symbolize strength of character, moral fortitude, and integrity. Their tall, strong stems are often used to create a dramatic backdrop in sympathy arrangements. You can use gladioli to express respect for the departed soul.

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As the name implies, these flowers symbolize remembrance. You can use forget-me-nots to convey the message that you will cherish a memory (that you created with the departed soul) to someone who is grieving.

You can use hyacinths to express deep anguish and sorrow and show that you care. Hyacinths also symbolize commitment and peace.

Hibiscus represents femininity and beauty and is usually used to express support to a family that has recently lost a female loved one such as a mother, daughter, or wife.

If someone you know recently lost their child or a young member of their family passed away, send them lilacs. The fragrant flower represents innocence, youth, and purity.

These sympathy flowers can be used to create a sympathy arrangement that not only evokes feelings of serenity and calmness but also carries a deep symbolic meaning, helping you express condolence and support for the bereaved person.

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