Delivery Policy

Customer Satisfaction Is a Significant Priority for Us!

We understand the significance of each order for every client, so we strive to provide excellent service and exquisite flowers that will delight our customers. Considering that floral arrangements are handmade and flowers have a limited shelf life, our team goes the extra mile to enhance the quality, precision, and attractiveness of our floral products. However, numerous factors impact how long a flower lasts or whether it meets your expectations regarding its arrangement. To ensure optimal performance at all times, we are constantly seeking strategies to control these variables better while welcoming feedback from clients; your inquiries and suggestions allow us to improve continuously. Moreover, if you encounter any issues with one of our items’ standards not meeting yours entirely, embodying prompt action by contacting us right away will be highly appreciated on your part as this allows us an opportunity to rectify things accordingly without any delay causing inconvenience or disappointments. 

Delivery hours typically range from 9 am-5 pm daily for orders bound to a commercial establishment, while for residential, hospital or hotel-based deliveries, this span extends till the clock strikes six. Orders meant to reach high school premises must be dispatched by 2 pm sharp. However, during crucial holiday seasons like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, we work beyond normal business hours with delivery timelines extended up until 8 pm starting from as early as eight in the morning.

It is not possible for high schools to receive deliveries intended for students. If you wish to send gifts to teachers, kindly dispatch them directly to the school, whereas any orders made by students should be delivered to their homes. Requests sent to high schools should be placed in advance since they typically require delivery before 2 pm.

Although we cannot promise exact delivery timing, our orders are typically transported within a six-hour window. Should you have any specific time constraints, kindly indicate the preferred timeframe in the special instructions section at checkout. Rest assured that we will endeavour to fulfill your request as much as possible.

In cases where delivery on Sunday is not feasible, and there’s enough time, we will plan for the shipment to be delivered on Saturday instead. This applies even if it concerns crucial events such as birthdays or anniversaries. In situations wherein neither weekend days are achievable, we’ll schedule the order for Monday. Still, we will notify you before doing so, particularly when dealing with gifts for special celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries.

Our shop and delivery schedules may differ during significant holidays. To guarantee timely delivery when approaching the hectic festive period, it is advisable to submit your purchase request at minimum one day earlier than the holidays below: 

  • Administrative Professionals Week 
  • Easter 
  • Father’s Day 
  • Good Friday 
  • Labor Day 
  • Mother’s Day 
  • Thanksgiving  
  • Valentine’s Day

Our topmost priority is fulfilling your orders. If you place an order after the cut-off time for a funeral service, we’ll promptly inform you and find alternate arrangements or send something to the mourning family’s home. Even if you don’t know all the details, like the zip code or exact address of the service location, we’re here to help by researching them for you. It’s our standard protocol to contact funeral homes ahead of time, confirming viewing schedules with them so that flower delivery can happen smoothly as planned, even if it takes place just before viewings commence on-site. When there are Sunday viewings ordered beyond last-minute Saturday cutoffs limits, and no deliveries are possible until Monday, then the client gets duly informed and verified by us with respective authorities preparing accordingly as per needs guiding from authorized sources alerting clients through rescheduling their requests again, keeping focus intact in sensitive situations like grief-management practices during funerals! 

Because it is crucial that funeral orders are delivered promptly, we will make substitutions to ensure the order’s value is met in case a banner is unavailable. In such cases, we will include more flowers in the arrangement resulting in an even grander display of condolences.

Orders placed on the same day will be promptly processed and cannot typically undergo any modifications. Because items delivered by florists require prompt attention, it becomes impossible for us to alter orders already in progress, en route or received. If you wish to update or cancel a non-processed order, kindly contact us at 226-749-3421.

If you make a request prior to 2:00 pm in the beneficiary’s time domain, we typically can hand over the blossoms on weekdays at an identical time. Nevertheless, submitting your order before noon (12 pm) may be necessary for the prompt delivery of orders outside of our local delivery area. If you prefer same-day Saturday service, kindly place your demand by midday sharp (12 pm). 

The delivery destination will factor into the protocol when the recipient is absent during delivery. In such cases, the deliverer may leave the gift in a secure spot accessible for retrieval upon return or entrust it to someone nearby, like a neighbour. Alternatively, they can inform the receiver via a message that they need to arrange for another delivery time. 

In case the delivery is attempted to the wrong address provided by the customer and a $10 fee applies for fixing it, GIFTZY won’t be accountable for such deliveries. Consequently, if any shipment gets delivered wrongly due to erroneous submission of information from the buyer’s end, they will bear responsibility for their total purchase.

Should the recipient decline to receive a delivery, you could potentially be entirely responsible for covering the expenses of the present. 

The florist might reach out to the recipient in certain situations to confirm that they’ll be present at their residence during delivery.

The responsibility for requests to leave arrangements lies solely on the customer. We strongly advise against providing specific directives that involve delivering to a doorstep, porch, yard or any site where the recipient cannot receive and acknowledge the arrangement personally. GIFTZY shall not be accountable for instances of missing or flawed products arising from such distinctive instructions given by customers.

When writing your card message, the words you use will be dispatched along with the gift. Please note that no financial details will accompany your card. 

Taxes & Pricing

  • If applicable, the checkout section will display the relevant sales tax. 
  • You could choose to elevate your purchase to a higher level by selecting between Regular, Deluxe, and Premium sizes that are offered for various products.

Substitution Policy

There are hospitals that prohibit the use of latex balloons in flower arrangements. In such cases, Mylar balloons may have to replace the Latex ones for some orders.

In the case of ensuring the delivery on time and maintaining freshness, interchange in a collection can be carried out with products that are worth equal or more.

In order to ensure that orders are delivered promptly on significant days like birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals, we may opt for a replacement of equal or higher value in case the flowers you have chosen are not accessible. This decision will be made without prior client consultation only if our attempts to reach out via phone number(s) or email address provided by you fail to

At GIFTZY, our commitment is to deliver your sentimental messages timely and presenting a fresh and stunning appearance. However, as the availability of flowers varies based on nature, seasonality or regional reasons, it may be needed sometimes to substitute for higher-value alternatives. We ensure that we maintain the “look” by considering essential factors like size and style/colour combinations when replacing an arrangement. While fulfilling orders for single-variety arrangements, preference will be given to variety over colour, i.e., yellow daisies can be substituted with different shades of daises, not other yellow blooms.

If you’re targeting verdant and thriving plants, we can replace them with comparable ones that are valued identically or even more. However, for unique, singular species of plants like orchids, we will strive to procure the same classification while being open to switching up its type. Meanwhile, containers would be selected similarly as possible.

If a container is unavailable, we shall replace it with another container that bears a resemblance.